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Background and Qualifications

Skating has been part of my life for a very long time. This sport taught me everything about life and how to properly live it; from not giving up, to fully embracing every opportunity. I started skating when I was eight and trained under an International level coach. I learned how to train properly and participated in hours of on-ice conditioning, off-ice stretching, conditioning, weight lifting, and dance. Following my competitive career, I transitioned to coaching while attending the University of Kentucky and completing a degree in Kinesiology. My coaching included group on-ice, off-ice, and choreography classes in addition to my private lessons. Following graduation I returned to apprentice under my childhood International level coach and ran the off-ice strength and conditioning classes. I then took a hiatus from coaching to tour internationally with a variety of professional performance companies like Holiday On Ice and Disney On Ice. I was given the opportunity to run warm up edge classes for the performers and learn aerial arts such as the Spanish Web. All of my experiences and education are incorporated throughout my coaching techniques. When it comes to my students, it is important to me that they not only learn how to skate properly and to their highest potential, but that they learn skill sets for life like work ethic, commitment, self-care, and self-respect. I believe becoming a good human is far more important than becoming a successful athlete. 


  • USFSA Gold Medalist

  • USFSA coach

  • Professional Skaters Association coach

  • B.S. Education - Kinesiology

  • American Ice Theatre Certified Choreographer

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Skate Skills Coach for the Eastern Kentucky University Hockey Team.

  • SafeSport Certified

Figure Skating Coaching: About




30 minute blocks

These are perfect for the skater who: 

  • learns better in a 1-on-1 setting

  • wants to fast track their progress

  • is struggling to overcome a specific skill

  • is looking to test or compete in ISI or USFSA figure skating

Private lessons are most beneficial if they are performed two or more times per week. Also, if a skater is attending group lessons, it is excellent as a supplemental class. 

*Private lesson costs do not include skating admission costs or skate rentals



Conducted virtually

Off-ice conditioning is perfect for:

  • Improving strength specific to skating/figure skating

  • Working on proper jump technique

  • Increasing flexibility and balance

  • Decreasing the risk of sport related injury

Off-Ice conditioning is held in a group setting virtually twice a week. It is very important for the skater who wants to fast track their skill set growth while simultaneously improve their strength and flexibility. It is very strongly recommended that athletes of all levels participate in cross training to reduce the risk of injury.



American Ice Theatre Master Choreographer

As a choreographer, I love to construct the perfect piece/program for figure skaters. Whether it be for the competitive season, test, show, or just for fun, music and creativity on the ice is a true love of mine. 

Choreography lessons must be booked as hour lessons, contact me for booking. 

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