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Burpees with Babies - Back to YOU

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Having a baby is hard. It's really hard. It's hard emotionally, it's hard mentally, it's hard physically. It's hard. Congratulations on doing something so wonderful and so hard. This class is for YOU for getting YOU back to YOU. This Burpees with Babies course is here to get you moving again after bringing a little miracle into the world. This is a safe, GENTLE course meant for moms ranging from those who have been athletes prior to those who have done hardly anything physical. There is an intense focus on core, especially on how to improve Diastasis Recti. This four week course has: - three - 20 minute exercises - basic nutrition chat - AND a community to chat with about the craziness of being a mom. Your babies can TOTALLY join you! You can do everything you need to on your own time whenever you have time! This is for you, so do it on your terms. You will have deadlines and we will go through it together. Find the newer, mommy version of you. **Please consult and get cleared by your physician prior to taking part in any physical activity**

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